Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 5

Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 5

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As a year of completion, this year everything will come full Numerology-2016-5circle and this is also the time you take a lot of decisions rather than clinging on to things which have long left you. You are to decide as to what you are going to do next and what you are to leave behind. It is important that you forgive and forget people because remembering how people have hurt you or things have turned unfavorable will only dishearten and discourage you. This is a very positive year for Number 5 individuals.


A year full of luck, hope and promises! Career matters will be smooth sailing this year. Complete the pending ventures, before going to  the greener pastures. Partnerships and business deals will be very rewarding. An optimistic and a persistent approach will enhance the financial status. Initial months of the year will require extra effort to rake in profits. Think big and consider broader perspectives for abundance and growth. Better financial inflows will help to consolidate your foundations in the work-area around mid-year. Delegating work will help to alleviate position and respect.

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Whirlwind events will leave  you overwhelmed at times. Time to review your present goals an set new targets along with resources available. Clear up all old loans and debts to solve your monetary problems. Save up for the unforeseen circumstances as huge expenses can crop up around mid-year. Unexpected upheavals and sudden changes will test your grit and patience.  Remain flexible and alert, to overcome the challenges in all spheres.


Be sensitive to health, as stress and ailments can lower your immune system. Take special care of diet and fixed time to relax and  practice yoga and meditation and reflexology.

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