Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 3

Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 3

How to calculate your Personal NumberFinancial Numerology 2016 - Personal Number 3

The year 2016 is a year of completion of all the pending tasks and a time to begin afresh. You may have been a part of many projects, relationships, etc. in the previous year but may have left them unfinished. This is the time to wind it up all and look to the future. 2016 is a year of happiness for Number 3 individuals. You are expected to gain new energy and it will be wise if you utilize this energy to do what you love even if it’s your favorite hobby. Spend your valuable time in doing things that you have wanted to do all along but never took out any time for them. This will bring you happiness and contentment.


The New year brings overwhelming changes ahead! Discover your self with the abundant opportunities that are at hand. Hold your bold moves, until after the summer. Let your brilliant work methods prove to be inspirational for people around you. Solid financial decisions will be made, regardless of pressures and sudden changes. Finish pending projects promptly before taking on new ones. Make sure to keep surging on hard during the initial months, in order to enjoy the rewards later.  Progress will be slow but steady. New ventures and business expansions will bring in great benefits later. A transfer, promotion or a new job is on the cards after mid-year. It’s a good year to make home improvements and upgrade your surroundings. A Windfall is on the cards!

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A major restructuring of financial plans is at hand. In spite of challenges and delays, progress at work will be achieved around mid-year. Avoid lending and borrowing of money at all costs. Scale down your targets to realistic levels, to avoid disappointments later. Be careful not to squander an opportunity with an impulsive purchase. Take a close look at all the offers and guard against being pressurized to make quick decisions. Use diplomacy and patience to  overcome misunderstandings and conflicts.

Significant months:

January, Mar, Apr, May, June, August, Sept, Oct and Nov.

Numero tip and Fortune Guidance

  • Take some time off for yourself .
  • Keep a paperweight of Pyrite crystal to bring positivity and productivity at work!

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