Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 2

Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 2

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The year 2016 is a good year for Number 2 individuals as their patience will be rewarded. You have to keep up your effort and hard work and you will receive both appreciation and recognition in every aspect of your life. As the saying goes, Patience will be your Key to success this year because you might be required to show this virtue in many situations in 2016. Cooperation and understanding will help you get past all your challenges. 2016 is a year to maintain a friendly attitude which will help you make connections that will prove to be very helpful in the future.


A realistic and an optimistic attitude are keys  to make your sure and steady success. Partnerships and business will be successful and satisfying. Business expansion are foreseen towards the 2nd quarter of the year. Real estate  or big investment is favorable after mid-year. Surprising events will help to deal with new things with zeal.


Unexpected and surprising events can knock you off the course. Remain in control to meet the challenges head on. Be precise while voicing out your opinions. Be fiscally cautious after mid-year  and limit your expenses. Watch out for secret enemies and detractors out to get you. Financial and work pressure will intensify as the year progresses.

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Pay attention to your health and take charge of your personal habits. Worries and anxieties can bother your spirits. Go in for short trips or vacations for solace.

Significant Months:

Feb, March, May, June, Aug, Sept and Oct

Numero Tip and Guidance:

  • Do not create issues, where there are none.
  • Trust your gut feeling and keep a low profile.
  • Place a bamboo plant  near your front door to invite good vibes.

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