Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 1

Financial Numerology 2016 – Personal Number 1

How to calculate your Personal NumberFinancial Numerology 2016 - Personal Number 1

Number 1 individuals will see some significant changes in their lives in 2016. It is good if you work towards making the year better yourself as many things in 2016 could be the result of your Karma. You are likely to feel a spiritual change in yourself that will give you a better perspective in every situation. Your efforts will be rewarded so make the most of every opportunity that you get this year.


The Sun shines on all your endeavors this year, so it is time to assert your will and sharpen your leadership skills, as vast scope for expansion and growth in career matters are foreseen during the 1st half of the year. Promotion or heading a large project is at hand! Persistence and spontaneous passion will keep the money pouring in!

2016 The Year Ahead

Number 1 individuals can expect an eventful and fabulous 2016. However, it is most important that you do not give in to unnecessary emotions which might have a negative impact on your decisions. You will be able to accomplish your goals successfully this year and this will motivate you move forward with enthusiasm. Your high energy level will enable you to get things done even if you have to face any challenges. Overall a year full of energy for Number 1 people.

Financial position will be better, towards the last quarter of the year.

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Unexpected changes and restlessness can create hassles at work. Guard against the tendency to over-spend this year. Postpone major decisions till mid-year. Be prepared to get adventurous and come up with an innovative idea. Depend on your own resources as financial problems can surface to pinch the pocket.


Guard against stomach ailments and heart problems. Avoid stress and tension. Following a good health regime with Yoga or meditation will help to keep the illnesses at bay.

Significant Months: 

Feb, Mar, Apr, May , Aug, Nov

Numero Tip and Guidance:

  • Trust your intuitions and impulses but be discreet and choosy.
  • Wear or carry a citrine crystal in you left pocket for luck in interviews and business negotiations.

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